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With the development of big data, cloud computing and 5G communication, there is a huge potential in the server/storage industry. The servers are featured with high-speed CPU computing ability, long-term reliable operation, strong I/O external data handling ability and better extensibility. Suntak Technology is committed to providing high-speed boards and high multi-layer boards with the high reliability, high stability and high fault tolerance ability required for the server quality.

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● Material: Fr-4

● Layer Count: 6 layers

● PCB Thickness: 1.2mm

● Min. Trace / Space Outer: 0.102mm/0.1mm

● Min. Drilled Hole: 0.1mm

● Via Process: Tenting Vias

● Surface Finish: ENIG

PCB structure characteristics

1. Circuit and pattern (Pattern): The circuit is used as a tool for conducting between components. In the design, a large copper surface will be designed as a grounding and power supply layer. Lines and drawings are made at the same time.

2. Hole (Throughole/via): The through hole can make the lines of more than two levels conduct each other, the larger through hole is used as a component plug-in, and the non-conductive hole (nPTH) is usually used as the surface Mounting and positioning, used for fixing screws during assembly.

3. Solderresistant ink (Solderresistant/SolderMask): Not all copper surfaces have to eat tin parts, so the non-tin-eaten area will be printed with a layer of material (usually epoxy resin) that isolates the copper surface from eating tin to avoid non-soldering. There is a short circuit between the tinned lines. According to different processes, it is divided into green oil, red oil and blue oil.

4. Dielectric layer (Dielectric): It is used to maintain the insulation between lines and layers, commonly known as the substrate.


PCBA technical Capacity

SMT Position accuracy:20 um
Components size:0.4×0.2mm(01005) —130×79mm,Flip-CHIP,QFP,BGA,POP
Max. component height::25mm
Max. PCB size:680×500mm
Min. PCB size:no limited
PCB thickness:0.3 to 6mm
PCB weight:3KG
Wave-Solder Max. PCB width:450mm
Min. PCB width: no limited
Component height:Top 120mm/Bot 15mm
Sweat-Solder  Metal type :part, whole, inlay, sidestep
 Metal material:Copper , Aluminum
 Surface Finish:plating Au, plating sliver , plating Sn
 Air bladder rate:less than 20%
 Press-fit  Press range:0-50KN
 Max. PCB size:800X600mm
 Testing  ICT,Probe flying,burn-in,function test,temperature cycling

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