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Optical products include the display and sensing components, sensors and solutions. Artificial intelligence and big data have promoted people to evolve from an information society to an intelligent society, and achieve the internet of everything

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Products feature

● -Multilayer heavy copper

● -6oz UL approved copper thickness

● -Copper coin inlay

● -Coil design

● -Inductance testing

● -Hi-Pot testing

● -Capacitance testing

● -DCR testing

Types & Applications

1. (A) 4-layer board base material is mainly epoxy resin glass fber cloth. Main applications are personal computers, medical ! electronic equipment, measuring instruments, semiconductor testing machines, numerical control machines, electronic switches, communication machines, memory circuit boards, IC cards, etc.

2. (B) 6-8 layer board substrate material is still mainly epoxy resin glass fber cloth. Most of them are used in electronic switches, semiconductor testers, mid-range personal computers, engineering workstations, and other machines.

3. (C) 10-layer board material above the material is mainly glass benzene resin material or epoxy resin as a multi-layer PCB substrate material. The application of this type of PCB is more special, used in large industrial computers, high-speed computers, defense machines, communication machines, etc.

PCB Techinecal Capacity

SMT Position accuracy:20 um
Components size:0.4×0.2mm(01005) —130×79mm,Flip-CHIP,QFP,BGA,POP
Max. component height::25mm
Max. PCB size:680×500mm
Min. PCB size:no limited
PCB thickness:0.3 to 6mm
PCB weight:3KG
Wave-Solder Max. PCB width:450mm
Min. PCB width: no limited
Component height:Top 120mm/Bot 15mm
Sweat-Solder  Metal type :part, whole, inlay, sidestep
 Metal material:Copper , Aluminum
 Surface Finish:plating Au, plating sliver , plating Sn
 Air bladder rate:less than 20%
 Press-fit  Press range:0-50KN
 Max. PCB size:800X600mm
 Testing  ICT,Probe flying,burn-in,function test,temperature cycling


What's The MOQ?

Basically NO MOQ For Most Prooducts, Trail Oeder Or Sample Order Will Be Acceptable.

Quality Warranty?

Most Of Our Products Are With 6 Months Quality Warranty.

Should We Use Our LOGO/Brand?

Customized Logo For Products Or Package Will Be Highly Welcomed.We Made A lot For Our Customers.


Pls Confirm With Us The Modle You Need.And The Sample Fee Will Be Refunded In Bulk.

Sample Will Be Send Out Within 2days After Received Payment.

Lead Time?

Normally It Takes 5 Working Days After Received Payment.

After-Sale Services?

100% QC Before Shipment. If There're Some Unexpected Problem Happan, Like Quality Problem

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